the biggest gift that comes with working as a teaching artist is connecting with the community. creative expression is a tool and a muscle and i use open ended experiences focused on experimentation, technique and personal practice to help clients access and — it.


free community art at astoria food pantry

every — of the month at astoria food pantry. show up and make. all ages.


Private Process Art Session

This is geared towards small groups or single people of any age.

A unique experience depending on my client’s ages, goals, and preexisting relationship with creativity.

Before our session we will have a virtual planning meeting whereas we can identify your or your groups creative wants or needs.

building a personal glossary

a virtual workshop focused on the process of building a personal glossary of ideas to go back to when working on final projects. this is a synchronous workshop. access to a webcam and computer or phone is necessary.

(sliding scale $35-$200)

Service D

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What is Process Art?

Process Art is a focus on technique and practice over creation of a final product. I find that this is a natural way to approach art for those who are intimidated by it but also as an avenue of self expression. Creativity is an articulation of the self and process art opens the door to conversation.

Examples of process art:
mark making
medium experimentation
open-ended invitations
community-based practice