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creativity as a tool

Creativity is a tool used by people of all ages in every walk of life. It allows for modes of critical thinking, problem solving, and self expression in professional, academic, and personal settings. It is my truest belief that allowing for student-led exploration of artistic techniques and mediums is invaluable. A creative mode of thinking is applicable not only to the creation of art but also in the creation of a fulfilling and meaningful life.
I work to provide my students with these tools by exposing them to diverse artists and contextualizing the content, goals, and themes present in their work. Continuously exposing students to creative takes on true issues, experiences, and emotions allows them to connect new techniques with their own lived experiences.

How does embroidery floss best represent the best day of your life? How can wet-on-wet watercolor articulate the way disappointment feels? Further, how can one express themselves in meaningful and organic ways?

I wish to help students answer these questions while also having fun. My students have access to any and all materials but they are asked: “How will this material improve upon the technique we’re practicing? How will it help to communicate your goals?”

Art is about exploration. Exploration is about seeking deeper understandings.